Fighter In Trouble? Director Siddharth Anand Unfollows Deepika Padukone, She Won’t Be Attending The Trailer Launch

Director Siddharth Anand Unfollows Deepika Padukone - oldisgold films

There seems to be trouble in paradise for the upcoming movie “Fighter.” Director Siddharth Anand recently made headlines when he unfollowed lead actress Deepika Padukone on social media. This unexpected move has left fans and netizens speculating about the state of their relationship.

In addition to the social media drama, it has been revealed that Deepika Padukone will not be attending the trailer launch of “Fighter.” This news has further fueled rumors of a rift between the director and actress.

While the exact reason for Siddharth Anand’s decision to unfollow Deepika Padukone remains unknown, some netizens believe it could be a strategic move to generate buzz for the movie. Unfollowing a popular celebrity on social media can often lead to speculation and increased interest in their personal and professional lives.

However, it’s important to approach these rumors with caution. Unfollowing someone on social media does not necessarily indicate a personal or professional issue. People unfollow others for various reasons, including a desire to declutter their feed or maintain a more private online presence.

As for Deepika Padukone’s absence from the trailer launch, there could be several valid reasons for her non-attendance. Scheduling conflicts, prior commitments, or even personal reasons could be factors influencing her decision.

Ultimately, only time will tell if there is any truth to the rumors surrounding “Fighter.” Until then, fans and netizens will continue to speculate and eagerly await further updates on the movie and the relationship between Siddharth Anand and Deepika Padukone.

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