Raja Harishchandra- First Indian Movie

“Raja Harishchandra” is a monumental film in the history of Indian cinema, directed and produced by Dada Saheb Phalke in 1913. It holds the distinction of being India’s first full-length feature film, marking the beginning of the country’s cinematic journey. The film is based on the legendary story of King Harishchandra from Hindu mythology, known for his unwavering devotion to truth and righteousness.

Phalke’s visionary approach to filmmaking is evident in “Raja Harishchandra.” Despite limited resources and technical constraints of the time, he crafted a captivating narrative that resonated with audiences across India. The film’s success not only established Phalke as the father of Indian cinema but also laid the foundation for the growth of the industry.

“Raja Harishchandra” remains a timeless classic, showcasing Phalke’s pioneering spirit and dedication to storytelling. Its influence continues to be felt in Indian cinema, inspiring generations of filmmakers and artists to explore the rich tapestry of mythological and historical narratives on the silver screen.

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