Kishore Kumar’s last interview with Lata Mangeshkar

In a rare and intriguing turn of events, the enigmatic Kishore Kumar consented to an interview, but only under one condition: it had to be conducted by none other than the legendary Lata Mangeshkar. This fascinating encounter took place during their stay at Washington’s iconic Watergate Hotel in the 1970s.

Kishore Kumar, known for his aversion to the press, initially retreated into the suite’s kitchenette upon seeing the camera crew and interviewer Kiran Vairale. However, Lata gamely stepped up to the challenge. She agreed to interview him, and Kishore emerged from the kitchen, transforming into a picture of amiable cooperation.

The resulting exchange between these two musical titans is a delightful blend of seasoned reporting and Kishore’s characteristic train-of-consciousness thought process. Their camaraderie, lasting a lifetime, shines through as Lata deftly questions and Kishore responds disarmingly. This unique interview remains a testament to their enduring friendship and the magic they created together on and off the stage. 🎶✨

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