After 51 years, Rajesh Khanna & Big B-starrer ‘Anand’ is getting a remake.

After 51 years, Rajesh Khanna & Big B-starrer 'Anand' is getting a remake. -

The film ‘Anand’, directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, is considered a masterpiece.The epic dialogue became a life motto for many. The iconic Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan-starrer stayed with people long after they left the theatres in 12 March 1971.

51 years after leaving its mark, film-maker Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s classic ‘Anand’ is returning to invoke memories of the past.The director and cast of the film, which is at the scripting stage.Khakharfame said that wanted to recreate the invaluable gems from India’s classics than scout for stories, internationally. However, destiny has its own plans as Anand’s cancer reaches its final stage and he passes away but not before touching the lives of many people whom he spent time with, including a total stranger Isa Bhai Suratwala played by the legendary Johnny Walker.

Producer Sameer Raj Sippy feels that such stories need to be narrated to the new generation,that are so relevant today and especially when there is a great appetite for good content.”The film is hailed for its memorable dialogues by Gulzar, evergreen music by Salil Chowdhary, and reflective lyrics by Gulzar and Yogesh.All six songs of ‘Anand’ – ‘Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli’, ‘Kahin Door Jab’ (male and female version), ‘Maine Tere Liye’, ‘Na Jiya Lage Na’ and the poem ‘Maut Tu Ek Kavita Hai’, narrated by Bachchan – enjoy a great recall value even today.Rajesh would play that scene so beautifully that Rishi Da’s anger would dissipate and would say to Rajesh that ‘You have done such a good job, your hundred sins are forgiven’. This information has been taken from the book ‘Kuch To Log Kahenge’ by author Yasir Usman, who wrote the book on Rajesh Khanna.

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